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You haven't seen the last of 'Edgar Sawtelle'

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It would seem that David Wroblewski is taking a cue from the film industry. After seeing such wild success with his debut novel, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, the author plans to write a prequel. A third installment also is planned, which will make the story of the mute boy and his dog a trilogy.

Books Winfrey
Oprah declared The Story of Edgar
the "best novel I've read in
a long, long, long time" when she
announced it would be her book club
selection last September.
Productions, Inc., George Burns)

First there was buzz all over the industry last fall, which brought on heaps of praise from reviewers. Then Oprah laid her golden "O" on the cover when she chose it for her book club, and it's been on the best seller list ever since.

Wroblewski issued a statement through his publisher Ecco, an imprint of HarperCollins: "My fascination with the Sawtelles and the Sawtelle dogs is far from over. This new novel is a chance to look more deeply into their story, and a tremendously exciting project to me."

No publication date has been set.

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