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Rose Tremain wins Orange Prize

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LONDON — English writer Rose Tremain won Britain’s Orange Prize for fiction by women Wednesday with a novel about an Eastern European migrant in Britain.

The Road Home is Tremain’s 10th novel and follows the character of Lev, who arrives in Britain with no English and little money.

Kirsty Lang, the judges’ chair, said the novel was a ‘‘fantastic exercise in empathy.’’

‘‘She succeeded in putting herself in the head of an Eastern European migrant in contemporary Britain. She managed to tell the story in a very powerful way. It’s a male character ... in his 40s. She absolutely gets inside his head,’’ she said.

Orange Prize: Rose Tremain
British author Rose Tremain poses with her prize winning book at the Orange
Broadband awards ceremony in London Wednesday.
(Max Nash~Getty Images)

Tremain beat five finalists including two North American writers nominated for their first novels. Montreal-based Heather O’Neill was nominated for Lullabies for Little Criminals; Patricia Wood, a Ph.D. student at the University of Hawaii, was nominated for Lottery.

Tremain wins $60,000 and a bronze statue by artist Grizel Niven. The award’s full title is the Orange Broadband Prize for Fiction after its sponsor, telecommunications company Orange, and is awarded only to women authors.

The prize is in its 13th year. Previous winners include Zadie Smith for On Beauty in 2006, and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie for Half of a Yellow Sun last year.


'Dear American Airlines'

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I've heard a lot of buzz about the debut novel Dear American Airlines by Jonathan Miles, whose protagonist gets stuck at O'Hare Airport (who hasn't?) and decides to vent his frustrations on paper.

Dear American Airlines

Here's a review:


There could never be a debut novel more perfectly timed to enter the world than Jonathan Miles’ Dear American Airlines (Houghton Mifflin, 192 pages, $22).

The book is a novel-length complaint letter written by one angry American Airlines passenger who has been stranded in Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and may miss his daughter’s wedding in Los Angeles.

Sound familiar? Just a few months ago, hundreds of thousands of actual American Airlines customers were stranded in airports across the country when the airline was forced to cancel 3,100 flights to check or redo something called ‘‘wiring bundles.’’ The universe, or at least the Federal Aviation Administration, has apparently gift-wrapped a marketing campaign just for this book.

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