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Roger Moore feted in France

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As French Culture Minister Christine Albanel named British actor Roger Moore a commander in France's National Order of Arts and Letters in Paris yesterday, Moore claimed the award was worth "more than an Oscar."

Moore, 81, has never won the Oscar, nor has he ever been nominated for one. Best known for playing James Bond on the big screen in the '70s and '80s -- he played the role longer than any other actor -- Moore can add author to his resume. His memoir, My Word is My Bond (Collins, 336 pages, $27.95), is due out next week. (Look for the Sun-Times review in this weekend's Sunday Show section).

Roger MooreMy Word is My Bond
Roger Moore and wife Christina
pose for the camera as Moore
is named Commander of Arts
and Letters by the French
culture ministry.
(AP photo)

Director Cronenberg writing a novel

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Film director David Cronenberg says he's wanted to write a book for 50 years -- and now he's finally doing it.

Cronenberg, attending the Rome Film Festival this week, says he's written 60 pages so far -- and it won't be horror or science fiction, like many of his films.

David Cronenberg
David Cronenberg poses in front of a
still image from his film "Scanners"
during an art exhibition at the Rome
film festival.
(Alessandra Tarantino~AP)

''Based on the pages I have written we found publishers all over the world, which is very terrifying to me,'' Cronenberg told reporters at the festival. ''It's at a very delicate phase right now, so I can't really talk about it. It's not like Stephen King. I don't know what it's like but you wouldn't call it a horror or science fiction novel at all. But what it is exactly, well, I don't know yet.''

Cronenberg's best known films are scattered across the '80s: "Scanners" (1981), ''Videodrome'' (1983), ''The Fly'' (1986) and "Dead Ringers" (1988). More recently he has garnered acclaim for two collaborations with actor Viggo Mortensen, "A History of Violence" (2005) and "Eastern Promises" (2007).

More Marcia

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In yesterday morning's entry I lamented not having received a copy of Maureen McCormick's memoir, Here's the Story. Like magic, as if some "Brady Bunch" fairy were looking down on me, my very own copy appeared in the Book Room by afternoon. I spent a good part of rest of the day paging through it and jotted down some of the highlights.

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

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Marcia Brady never would have dated Michael Jackson (remember, Davy Jones was her type), gone on cocaine binges or partied at the Playboy mansion (the pizza parlor was where it was at for her), but Maureen McCormick, who played the eldest daughter on the '70s sitcom "The Brady Bunch" did all of the the above -- and more.

You can learn all the salacious details in McCormick's memoir, Here's the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice (HarperCollins, 288 pages, $25.95), which goes on sale tomorrow.

Brady Bunch Here's the Story
That's McCormick, upper left, as Marcia on "The Brady Bunch."

Regrettably I did not receive an advance copy -- Do the publisher's not know what a "Brady Bunch" aficionado I am? -- but the Associated Press got their hands on one and culled this quote out of it.

''As a teenager, I had no idea that few people are everything they present to the outside world. Yet there I was, hiding the reality of my life behind the unreal perfection of Marcia Brady. No one suspected the fear that gnawed at me even as I lent my voice to the chorus of Bradys singing, 'It's a Sunshine Day.'''

Ain't no sunshine in interventions, rehab, depression and therapy, which is what followed her "Brady" years. But in 1985 McCormick married actor Michael Cummings, and her life started to turn around. She credits his love and support, plus that of her "Brady Bunch" family, with helping her get sober.

During her troubled times, McCormick got an occasional acting role but nothing substantial. Post-recovery she became the winner on VH1's own version of dysfunction, "Celebrity Fit Club." More recently she starred on two other reality series, "Gone Country" and the bizarre "Outsider's Inn."

Meet Marcia in person! McCormick will sign copies of Here's the Story, 7 p.m. Thursday at Borders, 830 N. Michigan.

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