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Connery unveils autobiography

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EDINBURGH, Scotland -- He's recognized around the world as the iconic face of James Bond. But in Britain, Sean Connery is also well known as a proud Scot, and today he returned to his hometown to launch his autobiography.

Being a Scot -- which doesn't yet appear to have a U.S. release date -- looks at Connery's early life as a milkman in Edinburgh's Fountainbridge neighborhood, then delves into a wide-ranging look at Scottish culture including the work of poet Robert Burns, novelist Sir Walter Scott and Mary, Queen of Scots.

sean connery 2
Sean Connery unveiled Being A Scot at the Edinburgh Book Festival today in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

''It will illuminate what Fountainbridge's most famous former milkman thinks of many aspects of Scottish culture and life, including sport, architecture, and of course the gothic tendency in Scots literature,'' said Edinburgh International Book Festival director Catherine Lockerbie.

Connery is a vocal supporter of the pro-independence Scottish National Party. He lives in the Bahamas and has said he will not reside in Scotland until it gains independence from the United Kingdom.

He was the first -- and, many say, the best -- Bond. In a six-decade career, Connery also starred in ''Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,'' ''The Hunt for Red October'' and ''The Untouchables,'' which earned him an Academy Award for best supporting actor.

The unveiling of Being a Scot coincides with Connery's 78th birthday. The actor is appearing at the book festival alongside his co-author, the filmmaker and writer Murray Grigor.

The Edinburgh event is one of Britain's leading literary gatherings, and runs alongside jazz, comedy and performing arts festivals in the Scottish capital each August.

Ben McConville/AP

Note: Another former Bond, Roger Moore, also has a memoir coming out. Look for My Word is My Bond around Nov. 4.

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