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And the Oscar goes to ...

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Today's book celebrates that time of year that avid moviegoers love: Oscar season. It's that month or so leading up to the presentation of the Academy Awards on live television. (Tune in at 7:30 tonight on WLS-Channel 7 to watch the awards and check out Richard Roeper's Red Carpet Diaries online).

Veteran entertainment reporter Mary McNamara has spent much of her 17 years at the Los Angeles Times covering Oscar season, so she's well-schooled in the behind-the-scenes drama that goes along with it. In her debut novel, Oscar Season (Simon & Schuster, 325 pages, $24), McNamara takes what she knows — the parties, the stars, the PR machinery, the tantrums, the back-stabbing, the indiscretions and, of course, the gift baskets — and throws a murder mystery into the mix.

Oscar Season

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