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Letters to Obama books

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Seems like a week ago that Skyhorse Publishing was soliciting letters to the president, but it was last November, right after the election, and now the book is here: Letters to President Obama: Americans Share Their Hopes and Dreams with the First African-American President (Skyhorse, 378 pages, $19.95)

letters to obama kids letters to obama

The actual book cover (above) is slightly different than first envisioned (compare here) but the content is as promised. The editors asked for regular folks like you and me to submit their letters, and they've compiled a whole bunch of them here.

We've been told that the prez reads 10 letters a day from concerned citizens, so now we can get a taste of what those letters say by perusing this book. The editors have broken it down into 27 categories, including: "Congratulations"; "African-Americans"; "President Bush"; "Hope"; "Religion"; "Economic Policy"; "Praise for America"; "The Future," and much more.

Most of the letter-writers are filled with hope and praise, so it would be interesting if the editors followed up with each of them about midway through Obama's presidency to see if they think he's doing a good job addressing their concerns.

Random House has released a kids' version: Kids' Letters to Obama. Both titles are scheduled for an April release.