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Death to All Sacred Cows

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Contrary to the book jacket might make you think, this books is not about cows that go "moo." Here's a review:


It’s easy to understand why business self-help books tend to sound the same.

After all, people won’t buy a book that tells them to keep doing the same things they’ve always done. So authors instead urge change, using variations of the same cliche: adjust your paradigm, think outside the box, cross the chasm, figure out who moved your cheese.

Then how do authors sell a new book that makes many of the same points executives have heard before? This comedic trio relies on a new paradigm of their own: irreverent humor in place of the stodgy business-speak more common to the genre.

David Bernstein, Beau Fraser and Bill Schwab, executives at advertising agency The Gate Worldwide, are co-authors of Death to All Sacred Cows (Hyperion Books, 224 pages. $21.95). This short book is amusing and easily digestible, although an impatient executive may tire of wading through irreverence to get to the main point.

Death to All Sacred Cows

Cheapskate millionaire

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If one of your New Year's Resolutions is to save more money or to get your finances in order or to be your own boss, you might want to check out Alan Corey's A Million Bucks By 30: How to Overcome a Crap Job, Stingy Parents, and a Useless Degree to Become a Millionaire Before (Or After) Turning Thirty (Ballantine, 223 pages, $13.95).

A Million Bucks By 30

If you can stand Corey's motormouth writing style, you'll be able to get through the book and probably learn something, too...

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