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Exaggeration or lies?

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Author David Sedaris defends James Frey — who was famously lambasted by Oprah over his "memoir" A Million Little Pieces — in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly:

"His punishment outweighed his crime," says the 51-year-old humorist. "I don’t recall Oprah Winfrey calling George Bush a liar when he was on her show. And those lies cost thousands of people their lives."

David Sedaris

Sedaris himself has admitted to "exaggerating" details of his own life for added effect and has been taken to task for it.

'With some of his stories, especially the early ones ... he's taken every liberty a fiction writer [does]," wrote Alex Heard in an article in The New Republic last spring. "It makes the story very funny, but also makes it something you shouldn't call nonfiction.''

Sedaris pretty much shrugs off the criticism — just in time for his own new book, When You Are Engulfed in Flames (Little, Brown, $24.99) — to hit store shelves. (Look for a Sun-Times review in next week's Books pages in the Sunday Show section.)

For the full Entertainment Weekly interview with Sedaris, check out

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