New Vonnegut stories

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A posthumous collection of short stories by Kurt Vonnegut will be released this November. The collection, called Look at the Birdie, contains 14 stories by the author of Slaughterhouse-Five and other works, Delacorte Press announced Friday.

The publisher plans to reissue 15 Vonnegut titles including Mother Night, The Sirens of Titan, Galapagos and Slaughterhouse-Five. Also due: another collection of his unpublished writings and a book of letters sent to and from the author during his life.

More never-before-seen stories by Vonnegut appeared in the 2008 collection Armageddon in Retrospect.

Vonnegut died in April 2007 at the age 84. His works contained elements of social commentary, sci-fi and autobiography.


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That's great news. Apparently his son, Mark, also has a new book coming out - follow-up to his incredible memoir The Eden Express (published 1975 or so, I think).

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