'Dewey' author gets new cat

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A New Dewey
Vicki Myron and Page. (AP)

Vicki Myron, author of the best-seller Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World (Grand Central, $19.99), didn't plan on getting a new pet right away, but a little orange and white tabby changed her mind. "I fell in love instantly," Myron says of the kitten that was found by the side of a road. Myron, who retired after 20 years as director of the Spencer Public Library in Iowa, has named the kitten Page.

dewey Read the Sun-Times review of Dewey.

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Dewey was a great book about a real living cat who graced a library for 18 years with an ability to bring comfort and affection to lonely people, the homeless, children and the disabled.

Page will also be a supreme feline.

I love this book. I have six indoor kitties and while Dewey's story is a 20-hankie story, it is an uplifting one as well.

I'm so glad the authors took the time and made the effort to acquaint us with this brave little cat.

When my Mama Kitty died at almost 19, I thought I wouldn't have another kitty that I would love as well, but I was wrong. After Mama Kitty died, I was blessed with six rescues. What a great life!

Sandra from Tennessee

I wept when I finished reading about Dewey..
I felt that it was cruel the way you treated Dewey over the years by not giving him a real home.Did you have a reason? Poor thing.Dewey got a glimpse of a real home and indoor living when you brought him home but you took him back to a library.Why?.Did you have a reason? poor thing, he was alone all night.Yes,he was friendly with strangers because he never really had the comforts of a home. Why did he have to ramain in the library?Why didn't you give him away or BRING HIM to a REAL home? I am certain he would have loved the warmth and comfort of a home, a sofa, a bed or some nice soft cushions with "someone" who wanted him even at night? Why should he have spent nights alone in the barren confines of an empty library? You wrote that you "loved' Dewey but how much did you really love him?You had a very strange way of showing it.
Please don't treat your new cat like you did Dewey!!!!! Give this cat a REAL home.
You could have taken Dewey to work WITH you..
p.s. I still feel sorry for Dewey.Hopefully he'll have the love and comfort with our Creator at last.
I think you cared for Dewey in a NON caring way..
You could have given Dewey to someone who'd have given him a HOME round the clock...

I loved this book even though the ending was really painful to read through. It brought back many memories of my puppy Princess. I believe having to let go of your pet is a really hard decision. I'm sure Dewey knew you were doing it because you loved him and didn't want him hurting.

Everytime I read your book my cat "Bandit" would lay on top of my chest right in front of the book, I thought that was hysterical, maybe he wanted all my attention on him but we finished the book together.

Thank you for sharing your life experience and your love for Dewey, this shows that he wasn't just a cat, he was a living creature that brought you happiness.

Both Bandit and I also wanted to congratulate you on Page, good luck with all your future Page Experiences!

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