Sarah Palin rhetoric

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My predecessor, Henry Kisor, who served as the Sun-Times literary editor for 30+ years, is now a mystery novelist, and in his spare time he maintains a blog. He writes intelligently and eloquently about whatever's on his mind, be it sunsets and rainbows or the news of the day. Sometimes he writes about books, go figure.

Yesterday he posted a timely item about John McCain's running mate Sarah Palin and her early days in politics. Apparently when she was mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, she wielded her power to fire a librarian who vowed to fight Palin in her "rhetorical" effort to ban books. This item was among a few others listed in a New York Times article. Leave it to Henry to flush out the small but significant details.

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Thank you for this very disconcerting revelation regarding Sarah Palin's cruel firing of a Librarian. It's not surprising in light of the fact that Ms. Palin encourages and takes part in the hunting massacre of Alaska's wolves, bears, moose, caribou and other species for fun. People who are inhumane to animals also have a tendency to be cruel to humans.

Not expecting much honesty and equitability from current or past "literary editors" of the suntimes, I was not surprised to see truthful disregard towards Palin's library-gate.
I came across this blog while searching for the article "Obama Lists Pet Projects, At Last" from 3/08; but, low and behold, it has been removed from the suntimes' server. Removing a negative article on Obama seems more like censorship than banning zero books.
To those searching for the truth about "library-gate" or anything else about Palin, try not to rely on either the liberal press or the liberal blogs.

The Truth shall set you free!

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