'Breaking Dawn' with Stephenie Meyer

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I may not get the appeal of the whole vampire lit thing -- much like I don't get NASCAR or the movie "Borat," the 84 most unfunny minutes in the history of cinema -- but I do recognize its wild popularity. Ever since Anne Rice came on the scene with Interview With the Vampire and "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" became must-see TV for teens everywhere, beautiful bloodsuckers have filled many a pocket paperback.

Author Stephenie Meyer seems to have tapped into an even greater audience with her young adult "Twilight" series, which features beautiful teenagers -- some vampires, some not -- who share all the angst of high school, along with a few more otherworldly pressures.

In grand Harry Potter fashion, bookstores nationwide stayed open late last Friday night to host "Twilight" parties in anticipation of the release of Breaking Dawn (Little, Brown, $22.99), Meyer's fourth and final installment in her vampire romance series. (Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse are the first three.)

Breaking Dawn

And today the Associated Press reports that the book sold a whopping 1.3 million copies in the first 24 hours of its release -- not nearly as much as the final Harry Potter book (8.3 million), but huge nonetheless.

If you missed CBS's "Sunday Morning" yesterday, here's the show's segment on the Mormon housewife and her rise to literary stardom:

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Breaking Dawn is awesome. The release parties were great. I had so much fun and i wore my favorite Twilight shirt there:


i am so excited for the movie!! cant wait...

Breaking Dawn is amazing...a wildly entertaining read. I can almost visualize it as a movie. Can't wait to have some of the scenes brought to life.

I must say I am a little disappointed in the novel. I love the Twilight Saga more than my own boyfriend, but it wasn't as ...great as the rest. That's probably because that's the last and I know there won't be another though...

I pre-ordered my copy; it should be here if not tonight, tomorrow. I can't wait to read it!

I was GREATLY disappointed with Breaking Dawn. I am a huge Twilight Fan but I feel Like Stephenie Meyer did not stay true to her Characters or the storie she astabished in her previous books.

I don't understand why people keep putting down Breaking Dawn! It was an amazing book. Stephenie did a fabulous job. The book left me speechless. Yes, some things were very different from the others and yes, many unexpected things happened. She ended things beautifully with the characters and the plot. Why are people belly-aching and being hypercritical? I really don't get it...people need to get over themselves and be more open-minded.

Uhh enough harshness this book was amazing. Yes we all know that it was quite the same as the first 3 books but i loved it.

I think as as teen but older teen im 19 and semi adult lol. So i get a better understanding of the book and liked how its been going im not yet finished with it but pleased so far. Im glad the character have grown. And yes i feel for younger fans it will be difficult to understand but i event think a fan who of ages 13 and up should know that bella was growing up.

Stephenie proved that in the books all together. So im sticking with my oponion stephenei meyer wrote a great finale and she is a talented writer.

Im baffeled and ashamed at some of the stuff ive been reading so heres a site im starting up for stephenie meyers. There so many fan sites dedicated the series but not fully the author herself.


its a myspace fansite fully dedicated to fans who still support stephenie despite any oponions.

I understand everyone has their opinion, but seriously...
The ones who say Stephenie didn't stay true to the characters are mixing me up.
Let's see: Bella becomes a vampire and now she's perfect, flawless, like the other vampires.
We get to see the real thing on what Rosalie talked about in Eclipse, we see Edward loosen up with Bella and the whole situation "I'm a vampire your a human, I can eat you" thing and Jacob is still the best friend anyone can ever have.
So what's wrong about that? Where didn't she stay true to the characters? /=

Really, Stephenie Meyer did a great job and Breaking Dawn made me cry so much!

I love the books and Breaking Dawn is great a rolla costa full of emotions!

She didn't stay true to the characters because there was no element of them from the previous stories. This time around Jasper became "Jazz" and Rosalie became "Rose". I won't even delve into the total lack of character development.

I was a huge fan and still am of the previous three novels. This one is a scifi-ish foray into something odd, making this book completely different than the others, cutting itself away and alienating many of it's readers.

And to be honest, I don't get this entire "stand behind the author" thing everyone keeps bringing up. You can be a fan of someone and dislike something they have written. A true writer will not begrudge their fans for that. I didn't buy the books because it said "written by Stephenie Meyer".

i love Breaking Dawn. of all four of the books it is by far the best. i like how Stephanie has incorporated Jacob's story into it, showing what happens to bella before she has Renesmee, then having the book go back to bella's point of view. it was well structured and highly enjoyable

i love Breaking Dawn. of all four of the books it is by far the best. i like how Stephanie has incorporated Jacob's story into it, showing what happens to bella before she has Renesmee, then having the book go back to bella's point of view. it was well structured and highly enjoyable

I was so disappointed, I actually cried. Everyone was portrayed so wrong. Everything that shouldn't have happened did. This was the worst book in the series. I'm sorry to those who liked it, but why? How could you be satisfied with this?

Sorry, Stephenie. The series, for me, ended with Eclipse. I seriously hope the movies will end there, too.

As a 40ish something mom I want to say that I loved this book. It shocked the heck out of me several times which I thought was great. I love Stephenie Meyer and hope she doesn’t listen to the negative feedback regarding this book. There are way too many people who love her books that a few unhappy fans should not bring her down. All 4 books were great. The story came to a happy conclusion like she promised. I will read whatever Stephenie comes up with next. Can’t wait.

to everyone who was disapointed in Breaking Dawn I would like to ask, what was it that you thought should have happened...?

I was also disappointed in Breaking Dawn. The three previous books kept me completely enthralled in what would happen next. Book 4 was predictable and every single conflict was resolved too easily. There was no suspense that Stephenie was so good at portraying in the other books. Yes, it was written well, but it did not live up to the level of the other books. Jacob was the only character that I really felt like I connected with throughout the entire book. The ending was completely anit-climactic. Every other book resolved with an actual battle. A shield stopping the Volturi...please.

I'm shocked at all the negative attention this book is receiving. I loved Breaking Dawn. It really was a perfect way to end the series; on a positive note with a happy ending for everyone. I wasn't even sure what I wanted to happen in Breaking Dawn, because although I believe Bella belongs with Edward, I absolutely love Jacob. So I wasn't sure if there was any possible way to make it work out good, but Stephenie figured out the perfect way. This book is a bit different from the others, but I think that is just a result of the growth of the characters.

To those who said Stephenie didn't stay true to the characters, in what way did she not? I'm curious to see why some people think that, because I felt differently. And to those who didn't like the book, what would you have liked to happen in the book? How would you have written it differently and why do you think your way is better? How do you feel it should have ended?

I think that this book is totally amazing! I love it very much. I don't understand why anyone should dislike this book. It's the perfect ending. And Jasper became "Jazz" and Rosalie became "Rose" because Bella is part of the family now. You don't call the full names of your family members all the time. It's too formal and official.

Breaking Dawn was the straight bomb diggity!!!!! If you dont like it that is your OPINION!!! Opinions are just like that thing on your face with the two things you breath out of- YOUR NOSE!! Chill out people my goodness it was time for the series to come to a close!! Personally, I think Mrs. Meyer should start writing a book about Jacob and Renesemee's relationship!!(Hint, Hint-Mrs. Meyer) That would be so hot!!! Breaking Dawn had the right amount of spice, drama,and love. Keep up the good work Mrs. Meyer, and dont listen to these drastically weird naysayers, you are the epitome of true workmanship!! I can not wait for Midnight Sun!!!!

i havent read the book but i know it will be good so give stephanie a break......... quik question did edward and bella have sex in the last book.

I've just been introduced to the series. Twilight was one of the best books I've ever read, but I cried the whole way through New Moon. I was so distraught that I wasn't sure whether or not to beleive the ending. All I know is that Edward and Bella belong together and as long as they end up together, I'm happy no matter what else happens!

i just saw the movie twilight and i have now become obsessed i am anxiously waiting for the store to open so i can buy the second book i didnt kno it was a series and it will be exciting to read

I LOVED THE BOOK! I don't understand why people are criticizing this book so much! It was just perfect! It finished the way I wanted! Besides, as some of you have already said, I could see the movie images on my mind!

I loved reading stephenie meyer's twilight series but have not , even started reading breaking dawn yet as i worried about the ending , as i do not no if i want the story for me to end at eclipse , so for the people who have read breaking dawn could you tell me one thing . . .
Do bella and Edward end up together ?

i really dont get how some people feel that mrs.meyer did not do a good job with the characters i think she did an amazing job!!!
it ended in a happy ending jacob got to be with renesme and bella with edward
i loved the book!!
great job stephenie!!1

I have read all of the books a lot, and I have to say that breaking dawn was my least favorite of the four books. Maybe because throughout the series you as the reader were expecting the outcome and she the author left me feeling disatisfided by how she seemed to totally skip over the part where edward finally gave in to the physical relationship!.

I have readed the books about 20 time in about 2 month. I love all the books i think she did a better job than the women that write harry potter.
In ending to breaking Dawn was very happy. Every one got what wanted in the end. Edward has Bella.
and Jacob has renesme.
I'm love the books an hope she make more book like twilight to year to come.

as a 40 something woman i was dubious about this film as i was told it was for teenagers. wow was i suprised i must of watched it 5 times already. i was that impressed i ordered the full series of books , i read new moon and eclipse in 3 days starting breaking dawn tomorrow cant wait.... way to go mrs meyer

Breaking Dawn was the best book ever! Why are people saying bad things about it?!!! I don't know what to read now and it has been three months since i finished the series!

Does anybody know any good Post-twilight series books?

iLove breaking dawN!.. though i wish there's more!.. learning thaT sTEphanie meYer will nOt continue writing midnight sUn,, hOw i wish she woUlD,,so thaT we'll know edwards' side of stOry!!twilight saGA is oNe of the bESt!

I have not read breakin dawn yet but im tired of people putting down the books.
find something better to do then diss my EDWARD!
HE is so gorgeous!

I loved the book!
I feel so sorry for Stephenie when I read all the bad things people say about it.. I mean, if you think it is so horrible, go and write a book on your own! And what is wrong with a happy ending? After all Bella and the others have gone trough, isn't it just fair that they can enjoy life? For those who says '' Uuu, happy anding, so unrealistisc'', it is as if you are just unhappy with your one life. Yeah, life can be heard, but htat doesn't mean there can't be happy endings? And after all, she did leave hints that they mabye would have to comfront the Volturi later. I am really glad that things turend out good. And I think it was PERFECT with not a fight in the end: sometimes words are stronger than fights. Why should theys start fighting, there are no reason for fighting in all books! If it's a fight you want, go watch a fight-movie then! It is much stronger when you have to hink clear, and searisly talk. And i think Renesmee was a lovely name, and I loved that Bella got a daugther. And I think it fit perfect that Jacob imprinted on Renesmee - why should he have to suffer the rest of his life? And I don't thin people are out of characters. Thy are all still the same, mabye they changes a bit, but everyone does. And it was lovely that Edward finally got to see how much Bella really loved him; from the very beginning. And I felt Edward's and Bellas bounds vere strong in the book; they both knew that they had to be togheter, nomather what. It mabye looks weaker to someone, but I think that is wrong: They are more shure on eachother, they truly really on each other. You see that specially when Edward trusts Bella ceeping a secret from him without question. And tey understand each other so well, and take care of eachother. And it hey want to have sex; hell yeah! What's wrong with that? I think it is only faire that fore once: LOVE WINS.

I loved this book but i was sad that it was ending, until i found out she's making midnight sun. Edward's prospective of the book. Now I'm happy they are back. And yes they do have sex in breaking dawn a lot!! LOL!

I loved breaking dawn. I was sad they were ending until i found out she's making midnight sun. Edward's prospective of the books. How cool! I love stephanie meyer she's so awesome. I wish to be a good a writer as she is someday.

i read the first 3 books and i really want to read breaking down but i cant because i live in turkey so it isnt published here yet..its going to come out in april...i cant wait..and ive read the comments some people didint like the book i dont know why is it because it had a happy ending...why the hell would people want to it to have a bad ending??? i was so upset when i read the eclips because bella loved both of them and i really felt soory for edward...i didnt stop crying i hope i wont cry when im reading breaking down...could someone plz tell me how it ends???i cant wait for the book

OK, I know the TWILIGHT series was intended for preteens and teenagers but as a mother I was curious as to what had my preteen daughter so obsessed. So....I read the books, although I haven't yet got Breaking Dawn, and watched the movie and WOW, I'm completely hooked. My daughter and I watched the movie 6 times in the theatre and I can't wait for the movie to be released tomorrow. I'll be there at midnight to grab it. What an amazing story! I've heard a lot of mixed reviews on Breaking Dawn and hope I'm not disappointed, although I am a bit sad that this is the last of the storyline. Please, Please, Please, find a way to continue on! lol No more EDWARD? No more CARLISLE? No more JACOB? What ever will we do?

Can somebody tell what was happening in breaking dawn ??? I'm in turkey so the book comes there in april but i wonder it.and please tell where can i find breaking dawn in net.


i absolutely loved braking dawn. i thought it was the perfect ending to the perfect seres. I wish she would write another book to tell us about renesme and the future family. i have to say a a teenage girl i was disapointed that Breaking Dawn was the last book. But nyways I LOVEEEEEEEEE the books .
and thanks ..

omg im soo loving stephenie meyers book thanks stephenie 4 writiting these books there awesome!! keep writing girl!!

Sorry to say this but breaking dawn was a real let down. I think Ms. Meyers wrote a movie script instead of a novel. The characters were one dimensional and acting out of character.

It seems that there was no need for New Moon and Bella's realization of her love for Jacob (which I thought was a real stretch-grateful but not passionate love). the whole imprinting of the baby was creepy. I guess Jacob thought that if he couldn't have Bella, he would have a piece of her. Very sick.

At the end of New Moon Bella seemed to be acting the part of happy new financee and going thru the motions. And Jacob was running off in a hurry. Rosalie reverted back to her vanity self - no realization that her vanity made her a victim.

Her change was anti climatic since Edward had to do it to save her life. And there battle of whether she stayed human or not was short changed.

Plus no battle with the Volturri? Come on.

I think this is a hollywood ending book. And to me it's cheap. From all the quotes of Whitering Heights and Romeo and Juliet and how New Moon ended, I was expecting that Edward would sacrifice himself to the Volutrri to save Bella's human soul.

I guess Hollywood didn't want Robert Pattinson to die in the end. And I didn't either because I really didn't understand the love between Jacob and Bella and her saying that she could see a life with Jacob on the reservation having babies. Yea right. If Bella had an aversion of getting married young, I think she might have a problem with being barefooted, pregnant, on a reservation, married to a wolf who has less capacity for independent thought and action since he is apart of a pack.

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