Biden book suddenly popular again

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Promises to Keep: On Life and Politics by Joe Biden has become Promises to Keep: The Acclaimed Memoir of the Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate.

That's Random House's swift capitalization of Biden's being tapped by presidential hopeful Barack Obama. The new paperback edition of Biden's 2007 best seller -- which originally was going to be released after the election -- will arrive in stores Thursday. The publisher has ordered a printing of 100,000

Promises to Keep

''Bringing out the hardcover last year during the hectic lead-in to the primaries didn't help the book because it was perceived by some to be a campaign tool," said Tom Perry, a deputy publisher at Random House. "It's actually a fine and moving memoir ... this is a new opportunity for the book and it's a great way to get to know who this man is and what he stands for."

Biden has served in the U.S. senate for 35 years.

Here's what the Christian Science Monitor had to say about the book: "Joe Biden's Promises to Keep: On Life and Politics is the most unlikely of campaign biographies: It's a ripping good read... Biden is a master storyteller and has stories worth telling. From conversations with President Bush and world leaders to overcoming personal tragedies and a childhood stutter, the book is paced to keep the pages turning."

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On a funnier note, the news/comedy website 236 has a great feature on Biden:

This was what sealed the deal for me to come out and volunteer for Joe in Iowa - something that I have never even considered doing before. Joe Biden is a very gifted man who has had the optimism and the perserverence to overcome and learn from an early stutter, from horrific tragedy, and from a deadly set of brain aneurisms.

His education by mentors in the Senate, beginning at age 30 is fascinating, but the thing that really got me out the door to volunteer was his vision for America at the very end of the book. If I had only read that, it would have been enough.

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