What your stuff says about you

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A coworker of mine has a miniature curling stone on his desk. Next to that are four fake ice cubes. I'm not sure what that says about him but if I started scrutinizing all the other things on his desk — toy Tigger, "Star Wars" characters, rubber creepy things, press pass to David Letterman appearance (not that I'm snooping while he's on vacation or anything) — I could probably come up with some kind of psychological profile.

Author and noted psychologist Sam Gosling says the stuff we own and how we arrange it can say more about us than even our most intimate conversations with our closest friends. And he's written a book about it: Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You (Basic Books, 250, $25).

What Your Stuff Says About You

Gosling and his team of researchers looked not only on desk tops but also through closets, iPods, refrigerators, Facebook profiles, underneath beds, in purses, bookshelves and more. Through their snooping, we readers should be able to figure out things like how committed our co-workers are and how reliable our new boyfriend or girlfriend is.

Good luck!

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"This sounds like quite a fun read," I type as I sit at a cluttered desk sporting a number of goodies including -- but definitely not limited to -- a cat Pez dispenser, a light-up foam spiky squeeze item, a Staples "That was easy" button, a Tarzan Happy Meal toy, a black cat bobblehead, a purple butterfly and several photos. Hmmm ... maybe I should have checked the book before divulging all of that info! LOL

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