No more catalogs — yippee!

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Hearing that HarperCollins is planning on doing away with the clunky catalogs they send out throughout the year and switching to an online system instead has me giddy.

‘‘I think we are overdue. We produce thousands and thousands of catalogs, many of which go right into the wastebaskets,’’ HarperCollins President Jane Friedman, who said the switch would likely begin by summer 2009, told The Associated Press.

She's absolutely right — in my case at least. The obvious cost-efficiency and environmental aspects notwithstanding, I get more advance reading copies and finished copies of books sent to me than I'll ever cover in the paper, so I decided early on to not waste time going through the catalogs. If someone wants me to look at their book, they'll have to e-mail me a heads-up or send me a copy directly.

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