Publisher pulls book about Chicago's Four Seasons Hotel

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A gossipy book by two ex-concierges at Chicago’s luxurious Four Seasons Hotel has been pulled by Three Rivers Press because the authors were legally banned from writing about their experiences.

‘‘Despite previous and repeated inquiries made by Three Rivers Press, we recently learned that Abigail Hart and Nancy Callahan did not disclose that they had signed confidentiality agreements with their former employer, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts,’’ publicist Katie Wainwright told The Associated
Press on Thursday.

The book, Great Reservations: Two Concierges Dish About Outrageous Requests, Celebrity Encounters, and Guests Behaving Badly at a Luxury Hotel, had been scheduled for a June release. It featured anecdotes on such celebrities as Madonna (who had a ‘‘phobialike aversion’’ to air conditioning) and Sir Anthony Hopkins (who asked that he simply be called ‘‘Tony’’).

Although advance copies had been sent to the media, the book had not yet been shipped to stores and a print run had not been determined, Wainwright said.

Three Rivers Press is an imprint of Random House, Inc., which is owned by Bertelsmann AG.


Note: Here's what the book would have looked like had it made it to store shelves:

Great Reservations

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This reminds me of the British show Hotel Babylon which is based on the anonymous stories of hotel workers....mayhaps these two should think screenplays instead (fictional of course)

PS Was it a good read or did they really cancel it because it wasn't any good?

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