What's your secret?

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I've got a secret. But I'm certainly not going to write it here.

I might consider writing it on a postcard and sending it to Frank Warren, though. Ever since Warren started his "Post a Secret" project several years ago, folks have been writing down their deepest secrets on postcards and sending them off into the universe.

Warren's third book in the project, A Lifetime of Secrets (William Morrow, 288 pages, $26.95) is as depressing as the first two, but I couldn't put it down.

A Lifetime of Secrets

Warren includes the secrets of folks from every stage of life; folks who write and illustrate their fears, sadness and despair with a few hopes and dreams thrown in to remind you that all is not lost in this world. It's the ultimate confessional, especially if your secret is the one that's published in a book for all to see. If it's not in the book, chances are you can see it on the award-winning PostSecret Web site.

Here are some of the more interesting and revealing secrets I read:

* When someone steps on my feet, I say "sorry."

* I'll probably grow old with my three best friends. Which would be fantastic.

* When I was little I always got punished for things my brother did. I'm 29 and I still feel like I'm going to get punished when other people do things.

* I was happier when I had cancer.

* I wrote my will today, not because it was the sensible thing to do — but because I am worried about what would happen to my purse collection.

* I wish I could interview your ex-wife and fine out why she left. And see if they are the same reaons why I have considered leaving...

See what I mean about depressing?

Here was my favorite secret — one of several in the book that might restore one's faith in humanity rather than just illustrate the dark side. The accompanying photo was three girls whose identities were hidden by typed words over their eyes: "I adopted your daughters and I want you to know they're growing up to be terrific young women. Thank you, all three of you, for the greatest gift of all."

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