Move over, Buffy

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I figure since stores are already selling Halloween candy, it's not too early to pick a book titled Good Ghouls Do (Berkley Books, 231 pages, $9.99) — a teenage vampire tale by Julie Kenner, the author of The Good Ghoul's Guide to Getting Even, where we first met our heroine, Beth Frasier.

Good Ghouls

Beth is your normal, everyday high school girl — except that she drinks blood and she's out to kill the freak who made her a freak. You see, if you kill your master — the vampire who "made" you — you can be restored to human ...

At first she thinks it was Stephen Wills, the McDreamy of the vampire set, but when he turns up dead and she's still a vampire, she finds herself in a bloody pickle.

Not helping matters is the fact that Beth turned her boyfriend, Clayton, into a vampire in order to save his life. Now, she's his maker and if he wants to be human again, he would have to kill her.

Throw in Beth's loyal BFF, Jenny — not a vamp — and Kevin, the cute college guy who's a vampire hunter, and you've got yourself some conflict. I didn't read far enough to find out if Jenny gets vamped (not really sure if that's the right term, but hey, it sounds good) or if Kevin and Beth hook up, but I did read enough to know it would be a fun, fast read, especially for the Buffy-loving teen set.

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