How 'Sweet' It Is

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Mmmmmm......cupcakes. That's what I was thinking when I pulled Sweet Revenge (William Morrow, 368 pages, $25.95) off the shelf. The bright yellow cover jacket first drew my eyes to it and the cupcake picture sealed the deal.

Sweet Revenge

I'm new to the world of Diane Mott Davidson and her catering heroine Goldy Schulz, who finds herself in the middle of a 14th mystery ...

... this one involving a map collector and former district attorney, plus Sandee Brisbane, the woman who killed Goldy's ex-husband and then disappeared, reportedly perishing in a raging forest fire.

If you're not familiar with all the players, you might stumble through the book a little, but there is enough explanation that even if you haven't read a single Goldy mystery, you'll still be entertained.

The book begins with a menu for the Aspen Meadow LIbrary function that Goldy is catering, and ends with the recipes for each of the dishes and others that are mentioned throughout the book. Here's the menu:

What-the-Dickens Holiday Breakfast

Great Expectations Grapefruit
Chuzzlewit Cheese Pie
Tale of Two Cities French Toast
Bleak House Bars
Hard Times Ham

Christmas Carol Coffee Cake
Butter, Syrup, Assorted Jams

Juices, Eggnog, Champagne
Coffee, Tea

Dig in!

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I love it when food is part of the plot...does anyone remember "Like Water For Chocolate"? Of course, there is a difference between burning love and mystery....or is there?

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