Chicago history lessons

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The more children's books I look through, the more I'm convinced there is a lot for adults to learn by paging through them.

Today's book of the day is Chicago History For Kids: Triumphs and Tragedies of the Windy City (Chicago Review Press, 173 pages, $14.95) by Owen Hurd...

Chicago History For Kids

The author takes the city's history — many of the stories we heard growing up in and around Chicago, plus many we haven't heard — and breaks it down for younger readers. In so doing, he makes it more accessible to many of us non-history buffs who at least like to be knowledgeable about the city in which we live.

Hurd offers plenty of photos, breakouts and timelines to make what could be yawn-inducing reading more reader-friendly. He covers Chicago's history from the time glaciers covered the landscape to the present-day, high-rise laden cityscape.

Hurd also incorporates corresponding activities in each chapter. For example, Chapter 6: Reaching New Heights deals with the aftermath of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and how the city rallied to rebuild. The corresponding activity is an architectural walking tour, complete with map and talking points.

Activities in Chapter 12: Chicago in the New Millennium, which deals with the city's most recent history, include "Write Your Own Blues Song" and "Make a Chicago Style Hot Dog." (Don't forget the celery salt!)

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My favorite fun fact to tell kids are the names of the structures a few miles offshore of the city. The water intake crib built, I think over a hundred years ago. The Harrison and Dever. I don't know why, but it excites the wee ones to have names for those "buildings" in the lake.

p.s.Celery of the gods.

I am glad you are covering kids how about some poetry, especially Chicago poets?

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