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Who among the breathing hasn't looked up an ex at one time or another? No, it's not likely a smart move but impulse control is one of those things learned the hard way — as in knowing when not to eat that second or third doughnut just because it's Friday and it's there, lonely, getting more stale by the minute sitting next to the empty coffee pot in the office break room and, well, you plan on having just a salad for lunch.

In Eva Cassady's The Adultery Diet (Pocket Books, 336 pages, $14, paperback) — chosen for its alluring title and picture of fancy chocolate truffles on the cover — Eva, the fortysomething narrator of this faux-memoir...

The Adultery Diet

... is motivated to chuck the doughnuts and hit the gym when her editor asks her to do an interview with architect Michael Foresman, with whom she had a brief fling 20+ years earlier.

The chapter titles cleverly document Eva's weight loss, which is motivated by her reconnection with Michael. In the beginning, at "176," she's seeing her college-age daughter off to the airport for her junior year abroad. At "177 3/4" she sends her first e-mail to Michael. By "161" they're in a full-blown e-flirtation, at "136" they meet in person and by "128" they're doing it.

Oh, and they're both married, not so happily, not so unhappily.

I admit I don't read chick-lit, so I'm not sure what to say about this book other than it seems to have all the elements — a heroine who lives in New York and works at a magazine while trying to navigate her romantic life. I wouldn't call it a page-turner but there's a lot of truth to the story and the ideas about what motivates us to make changes in our lives.

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