Tony Rezko: April 2009 Archives


Steve Rhodes tells us that former national Democratic fund-raiser Joe Cari is now blogging -- and on Twitter. His blog page is entitled " On politics and Economics." The court recently allowed Cari, who pleaded guilty to extortion in 2005, to travel to Lebanon to act as a guest lecturer. He has not yet been sentenced.
Cari figured prominently in the early stages of the Blagojevich investigation, back when the ex-governor was still referred to as "Public Official A."
Cari was one of the first to cite a conversation with Blagojevich that alleged the governor was open to "pay to play" in his administration.
Cari testified at the trial of Tony Rezko that Blagojevich once told him his plan for a prominent political career involved raising political cash from across the country, and reward big contributors with state contracts. Blagojevich denied the conversation.