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It may be at least 10 years before Rod Blagojevich is back home for dinner.
What was the last meal he requested before leaving for prison?
A spaghetti dinner.
Patti cooked the spaghetti dinner using Blagojevich's late mother's recipe. "I'm going to eat so much spaghetti I won't need breakfast," he said after giving a statement on live TV.

In his address, he spoke of how it pained him to not be around to help his wife raise their two girls, Amy and Annie.

For his youngest, Annie, Blagojevich left as a memento two dolls that have the capability to play back recorded messages.

According to someone close to the family, one of the dolls plays back Rod Blagojevich's voice, which says: "Hi Annie, Daddy loves you."

Rod Blagojevich's public address today, the day before he goes to prison, will be an "extraordinary" heartfelt farewell of sorts to Illinois residents.

It is no accident that the former governor scheduled his remarks for 5 p.m. prime time TV news. His publicity manager Glenn Selig said Blagojevich is aiming to reach as many people as he can at once.

"He wanted to speak to everybody as a collective. This is the message he's going to be leaving with people. This is what they're going to remember until he returns. This is what he'll remember," Selig said. "I think it's a very important message that he's making and it's a message that he's sending to people."

On Thursday, Blagojevich is to begin his 14-year sentence -- one of the toughest public corruption sentences ever handed out in Illinois. Blagojevich is to report to low-security prison in Colorado.

"He's definitely going to be speaking from the heart. And I think it's an important day, it certainly is for him and the people who have continued to believe in him -- family friends, all of that," Selig said. "It's quite extraordinary, when you think about it, just him doing it. Having the strength to do it. In 24 hours his world is going to be completely changing."

This is from a Selig press release
"This will be one of the most important moments of Rod Blagojevich's life. The governor never memorizes, does not use a script or a teleprompter. He speaks extemporaneously. He will speak from the heart," says Glenn Selig, the former governor's spokesman.

FAQs regarding the statement:

Q: Will there be an opportunity for the media to ask Rod Blagojevich questions?

A: No. This will be a statement only. This is NOT a news conference.

Q: Will the governor be doing any interviews?

A: There are no plans for any interviews with anyone.

Q: Will you release more information about the governor's plans for departing Chicago?

A: No, for security reasons we will not release detailed information.

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