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Patti Blagojevich cries at letter from daughter to judge

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Patti Blagojevich is crying as Goldstein reads a letter from Blagojevich to one of his daughters. Another attorney rubs Blagojevich's shoulder as he sighs.

Blagojevich's daughter says having him home every day has made these rough years bearable.

"He's been here to help me with my homework," she said in her letter. "I will not be able to handle my father not being around. I need him here for my high school graduation - I've wanted to go to northwestern since 6th grade... I'll need him when my heart gets broken." She'll need him when her dog gets ill.

"I need my father in my life," Goldstein said, finishing the letter.

"Take into account the side of Mr. Blagojevich that is a loving, caring, dedicated father and husband," Goldstein said. "He doesn't deserve mercy because he has a family but his family deserves mercy."

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I am very sorry for the children involved, but Blagojevich did not feel sorry for other children or their families as he lied, cheated and ran his many cons to get to the top. It is a shame his children must pay a price for this man's dishonesty. The real shame is the children are being used as pawns to keep the father from prison. What a horrible thing to do to his own children.

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