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Is Blagojevich really an "extraordinary" father?

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As Gurland talks about what a great father and husband Blagojevich is, Judge Zagel stops her and asks here what his "extraordinary" and therefore relevant to lowering prison-time eligibility about Blagojevich.

"He would be in the same position as any other father who 'was always there' for his children," Zagel says.

Gurland said she has four children of her own and some people are more "extraordinarily devoted" and Blagojevich is.

"I've witnessed it in connection with the preparation of this case - it is extraordinary."

She quotes relatives and family friends such as Misericordia's Sr. Rosemary Connelly -- whose home for 600 children and adults with disabilities Blagojevich helped -- talking about how his girls need him.

Zagel asks whether Blagojevich's problems in Springfield stemmed from his not being there. Gurland can't answer. The question causes the ex-governor to lean over and talk to two of his lawyers who are whispering or mouthing things back to him.

The Blagojeviches agreed to appearances on realty shows even though it made them "laughingstocks" because they were "paid handsomely" for it and it allowed them to keep their girls in a private school and to keep their home -- at the time.

-Abdon M. Pallasch & Natasha Korecki

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What I don't understand how Blagojevich's attempt to trade Valarie Jarrett's appointment to senate to his own to Health and Human Services would be any different than Madigan trading his cooperation on legislation for his daughter's appointment. From the blog it seems that Zagel indicated this would have been a legal trade.

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