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Fitzgerald on Blago: 'We don't want to be back here again.'

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U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, flanked by 17 other government officials, reacted to Rod Blagojevich's 14-year sentence, calling it "profoundly sad."

Fitzgerald said that having two Illinois governors convicted of crimes in the same century would be too much.

"We've seen it happen twice in five years," Fitzgerald said, calling it "profoundly sad."

"The public has had enough and judges have had enough," Fitzgerald said. "This needs to stop. To put it very, very simply, we don't want to be back here again. .. the short answer is, this must stop."

Fitzgerald said he felt for the Blagojevich children but noted that it's often the family who pays when a criminal gets caught.

"What happened to the family is a very sad situation," Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald famously said after Blagojevich's 2008 arrest that "Lincoln would be rolling over in his grave," if he knew of Blagojevich's conduct.

Asked what Lincoln would be doing today, Fitzgerald said:"I'm going to be dull today, I'm not going to comment."

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I hope this verdict has an effect, but the dismaying issue is Illinois has 3 U.S. Attorneys, and the only one we ever hear from regarding investigating public corruption is Patrick Fitzgerald. Until we hear more from U.S. Attorney James Lewis whose Central District office covers Springfield, it's hard to imagine the net of justice closing too tightly around our corrupt state politics. And then we have the side-show of Rahm Emanuel announcing his ethics board. Seems like a couple good people on that board, but of course, it isn't designed to limit Rahm taking in half-million dollar donations like last election or touch World Business Chicago CEO club or shut down the TIF slush funds. Until that happens and we have another chance to vote in the snow (what a sleezy election machination that is) during a winter time primary, the best we can do is laugh at Rahm via this funny YouTube video about his PR-spin abilities. Enjoy:

Fitzgerald you put a good man behind bars to day because of your unrelenting hounding. Blago is guilty of having a big mouth and 14 years for that is astounding. I wish you bad luck throughout your life. Criminals like Bush, Cheney and Rove are walking on this earth and you go after a kind and good man. Go to hell Fitzgerald.

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