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Ex-con's advice to Blagojevich on how to cut 14-year sentence: start drinking

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Scott Fawell, the former chief of staff of a different convicted governor, George Ryan, is offering a tip on how Rod Blagojevich can cut his lengthy 14-year sentence.

The former governor may be able to make a request with the U.S. Bureau of Prisons to take part in a substance abuse program.

Fawell said that's what he did before going into prison.

"What you do is say that in between the time you're sentenced and the time you report, you just couldn't stop drinking," Fawell said.

It shaved time off of Fawell's 78-month sentence he received for corruption that happened while he worked for Ryan. He went through a nine-month program in prison, then got six months off in a halfway house plus one year of credit for doing the program. That's on top of time off for good behavior.

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