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Blagojevich targetted quips for each juror, prosecutor says

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Blagojevich "Spent seven days on the witness stands perjuring himself -- he tried to lie his way out of a guilty verdict," Assistant U.S. Attroeny Reid Schar said.

"He testified Lisa Madigan was his first choice for the senate seat. That was a lie," Schar said. "He lied repeatedley. He is incredibly manpulative and he knows how to be. To his credit, he is clever about it."

From press accounts of the jurors, Schar said he could tell that the jurors saw through his efforts.

"Twelve people in a jury box -- he caters to them to get what he wants," Schar said. "The government caught it. I'm happy to see, based on the press reports, that jurors caught it. He managed to hit on things... There was a juror from Boston. Suddenly we heard how he loved the city of Boston. To a juror who had opened a Greek restaurant. [Another worked in a library] He said he loved to study at the library and on the way there would stop by the Greek restaurant to get a cup of coffee."

Judge Zagel laughed at that.

"He wanted to manipulate the audience to help himself."

Blagojevich was cracking jokes up until the hearing started. He told a reporter that her son should get away from studying political science: "It doesn't pay for college." She says that's he's interested in criminal justice and his smile widens. "Let me know if you want me to talk him out of that," he said, heading back to the defense table.

-Abdon M. Pallasch and Natasha Korecki

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