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Blagojevich Judge's sentencing lecture

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"In the United States, we don't much govern at gunpoint," Zagel said. "We require willing ... participation.
This happens most easily when people trust the person at the top to do the right thing most of the time and more important than that to try to do it most of the time. When a state senator takes a bribe, that's one person out of 59.
You are not to be compared with those who hold lesser positions in government. You, as a governor are seen to control all of them, though I concede in practice you don't."

Looking at Blagojevich, Zagel finished, "When it is the governor who goes bad, the fabric of Illinois is torn and disfigured and not easily or quickly repaired. You did that damage."

With that, Zagel sentenced Blagojevich to 168 months -- 14 years in prison. Presuming he serves 85 percent of that, his 15-year-old daughter will be at least 27 when he gets out.

-Abdon M. Pallasch, Natasha Korecki & Lauren Fitzpatrick

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How does one require willing participation?

"In the United States, we don't much govern at gunpoint,"

Um, then who are all those uniformed men carrying guns around? What do they do? Do they not enforce laws upon the governed?

Illinois has been plagued with corruption for decades. Four Governors have been convicted and had to serve time.In all fairness to the position,James Thompson was our governor and did a great deal of good for Illinois. Let's not forget the politiicians we elected that actually are and did their jobs.

Thanks for all your work, I have enjoyed reading you over he past couple of years. Good luck with the baby, you look ready any minute!

Make room for Obama. He'll be joining Blago!

So judge Zagel thinks Blagojevich was the lone bad apple in the great barrel of Illinois Democratic politics? The rot reaches higher judge. You've suppressed the paths higher refusing to let all of the tapes get played, and telling us Rezko a toxic witness. It's a toxic mess for sure and much bigger then this simple guy you've put on ice now for 14 years.

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