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Blagojevich hearing resumes with testimony about his homelife

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Blagojevich re-enters the courtroom through the side door.
Patti's giving somebody with prosecutors the stink eye. Her sister is trying to calm her down, arm around her shoulder and shushing her.
Mrs. Blagojevich is using tissues.
Rod Blagojevich spots his wife looking sad.
"Y'alright?" he asks her. "What's the matter?"
He leans in pats her cheek and gives her an audible kiss.
His attorney starts relating Blagojevich's devotion to his wife and daughter. He stayed in Chicago instead of moving to D.C. when elected to congress, she said.
When he was elected governor, he likewise stayed in Chicago which "cost him approval points" with some voters.

Lauren Fitzpatrick

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