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Blagojevich gets Christmas with the family

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Blagojevich will be home for the holidays. He doesn't have to report to prison until February.
Patti Blagojevich did not cry after the sentence was imposed but put her hand up to her mouth.
The former governor himself slightly sunk his head. He was seated.
After court was over, Patti Blagojevich buried her head in her husband's chest.

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bueno, de aqui a febrero pueden pasar muchas cosas, entre ellas, se pueden rebelar algunas acciones buenas y malas, hechas por el acusado y si las ponemos en la balanza, talvez nos hagan considerar la sentencia y hacer un mejor fallo, ya sea para aumentarle mas meses o para anular los cargos y salir libre, aparte de eso se le puede ofrecer alguna actividad en la que pueda desarrollar sus habilidades.

rot in hell

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