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Blagojevich finishes, walks away red-eyed

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Blagojevich left the lectern red-eyed and teary after his address to Zagel, who stared back at him plainly, at times taking notes.
Blagojevich walked over to kiss Patti on the head and she had a pained look on her face. Before his address, he touched her hand and whispered: -"I love you."
During his talk to Zagel, Blagojevich's voice was low, somber and, at times, strained.
A hush grew over the courtroom, and, at times you could only hear the scribbling of pens on paper.

Blagojevich is now standing with Patti and lawyers in noisy courtroom. He's rubbing her back as they wait.

Court is resuming

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