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Blagojevich apologizes to his children

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When the verdicts were being read, Blagojevich told Judge Zagel he knew after the first one that he would be convicted on most of them.

"All I could think about was how soon Patti and I could be home with our kids," he said. "A lot of media surrounds our home during these periods. Patti made it into the house first. Both of my children were, of course, upset. My younger daughter, Annie, was crying. I didn't take us long to calm her down...

"Amy, my teenager, she's 15. She was 14 then. She's a heroine...
"She's number-2 in her class in high school...

"My daughter didn't want to accept it. She begged me to go outside and talk to the media, 'Tell them you didn't do it, that it was wrong.'
"I had to tell her I had my trials, not once but twice.
"I was, under the law, found guilty of these crimes. The fight was over. It was time to accept this -- I needed to accept this and that I couldn't go out and tell the press anything other than what had happened. I couldn't go out and pursue the fight.

"My life is in ruins.
"I'm in no position to earn a living for my children.

"I can't be a lawyer. We have to sell our home.

"I want to thank Patti. She has stood by me in the worst of times, not just the best of times.

"Now my kids have to go out there and know that their dad's a felon. Its not like their name's 'Smith.' They cant hide.

"I accept the people's verdict, Judge, they found me guilty."

-Abdon M. Pallasch, Natasha Korecki & Lauren Fitzpatrick

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1 Comment

I would not want to be in Zagels seat. Amazing chain of events for what could have been a wonderful life as Governor of a great state but, ego and entitlement got in the way.

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