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Blagojevich: A million here, a million there

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While prosecutors say the amount of money Blagojevich sought in exchange for supporting legislation means he should get more time, defense attorney Carolyn Gurland say those big numbers were just being "thrown around ... in the absence of concrete action" and so should not trigger more prison time for him.

The ex-governor's two daughters are not in the courtroom.

Blagojevich sits with notebook before him. Moments before the judge walked, in he was digging into it, scratching out words, writing in new ones as he looked up and tossed a question to attorneys.

He's not smiling much, though did a little of his usual waving and nodding to various people around the courtroom.

As Gurland is up in front of judge arguing the law, the former governor rarely looks up. He's writing almost non-stop.

Gurland is now disputing the government's contention that Blagojevich deserves more prison time because he was a "leader/organizer" of the scheme.

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Blago will soon have a new love, named Bruno.

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