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Cellini judge schedules "in-chambers conference" for Friday, possibly about juror

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The judge in William Cellini's case appears to want lawyers from the trial in his chambers on Friday, presumably to discuss a juror whose criminal background has come under question.

U.S. District Judge James Zagel said last week he would set the case for a "status hearing" on or after Dec. 1 "to discuss the ambit of further proceedings on this issue," involving a Cellini juror's undisclosed felony background.

In a written order, Zagel said the revelation that a juror was convicted of felonies after voting to convict Cellini on two counts and acquit him on two others, does not necessarily warrant a mistrial. He did say that it warrants an evidentiary hearing. Cellini's lawyers have said they want the guilty verdicts overturned based on the juror's undisclosed history.

Today, Zagel issued just a brief docket entry noting a Friday "in-chambers" hearing, which usually means it's not public. He did not specify whether it had to do with the juror issue.

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