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Rezko sentencing date moved again. Prosecutors cite Cellini trial.

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Tony Rezko's sentencing date has moved again.

Today, U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve set the convicted businessman's new date for Nov. 22.

It was supposed to happen Oct. 21.

Prosecutors said with the trial of Springfield businessman William Cellini beginning today, they could bump right into Rezko's sentencing. Prosecutors did not want to be in the position where Cellini's jury could be deliberating and big news comes out of Rezko's sentencing.

Rezko, a Blagojevich adviser and fund-raiser, was convicted in 2008 of using his influence with the former governor to profit off of state deals. Cellini is accused of conspiring with state board member Stuart Levine, Rezko and the late Blagojevich adviser Christopher Kelly to extort a businessman seeking state business. Rezko has been in custody since his June 2008 conviction.

St. Eve asked for position papers on Rezko's sentencing by Nov. 1st.

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