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Blagojevich family: Say nice things about ex-Gov to sentencing judge

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By Natasha Korecki
Chicago Sun-Times

As Rod Blagojevich's day of reckoning looms, his wife, Patti, has made an appeal on Facebook, asking people to write letters to the judge on her husband's behalf.

Her post reads:
"We have been getting so many requests from people who would like to help us by writing a letter to the judge for sentencing that I would like to post the email of one of our attorneys Aaron Goldstein: He would be able to help you with how to get the letter to the right place. Thank you to all of you who have supported us during this hard time. Rod and Patti and Amy and Annie."

Patti Blagojevich said she doesn't yet know the sentencing date, but wrote that it could happen later this month or in early November. Blagojevich's attorney, Shelly Sorosky, has said it could happen in early November. The ex-governor's lawyers want probation, while prosecutors have calculated Blagojevich's sentencing guidelines at 30 years to life but haven't made public their recommendation yet.

Among the Facebook comments:
"Patti, Rod was a great Gov, and much better than that jerkoff thats in there now."

"Yes, Rod for President!!!!!!!!"

Another wrote: "To the Blagojevich Family, I would be happy to write a ltr on his behalf. This kind of stuff has to stop. Everyone should read his book & truely understand what really occurred..."

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How do you get "Blagojevich family: Say nice things about ex-Gov to sentencing judge" from what was written on Pattiā€™s facebook???? She posted contact f info or her lawyer because people want to write letters on Rod's behalf. I would love to know how you make that leap. Nowhere in that post is Patti asking anyone to write anything to the Judge. Another fine example of reporting. I love how you guys twist words to suit your agenda and the fact that no one calls you on it is amazing

Shame on Blagojovich out doiing whatever he wants, what an example to our State of Illinois. He was found guilty and should have been sitting in jail waiting for sentencing like other criminals, not out and this last resort letter writing to get a lighter sentencing.
I say "Man Up" you got caught, now pay the price, give him the highest sentence applicable. He is not above the law. Otherwise more politicians will think that can get away with it, too, with just a slap on the wrist. Stop the corruption in our State by sentencing the criminals with maximum sentences.

PLEASE! Let's get this done. He is a disgusting and totally GUILITY! We are hoping he goes to prison for at least 20 plus years. The bad thing...this is Illinois, not a good thing as the state is corrupt to the core.

Hoping Rod goes away for at least two DECADES!!!!

23 people out of 24 found him guilty .i hope they take him away on xmas eve. am i bitter you bet shame cant take daley with him.

Who has the email address for the prosecutor so we can get the information about getting letters to the right place to assure that Blago pays an appropriate sentence for his crimes against the people of Illinois?

The guy's a bum and should do ten years at least. We citizens of Illinois gave him our trust and he laughed at all of us. He was in it for the money and he got burned by his own malfeasance. I hope the judge takes all these comments into account when gauging how the citizenry feels. This Illinois politics crap has to end. Blago's lucky I'm not sentencing him.

I'll write a letter to the judge requesting that this disgusting criminal gets the maximum amount of time for his gross misconduct and extreme corruption. I've never seen a more outrageous liar and phony. Good riddens to bad garbage!

I'll write a letter requesting the judge throw the book at the crook and go after the wife next.

Dear Judge, please hurry and get this criminal off the streets before he does more harm.

I hope he gets the full 30 years. Blagojevich wanted a fair trial, he got one and he was found guilty; it's that simple. Now that things aren't going his way he wants a do-over. It doesn't work that way Rod; get over yourself!

Ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich did absolutely nothing to help stop abuse, violence, corruption, extortion, Racketeering, Money Laundering, etc. He and state workers stole three of my income tax return checks while he was in office. He refused to acknowledge criminal activity and abuse under the cover-up of so-called mental health. Perhaps some soviet-style psychiatric terrorism, or trauma-based mind control would give him some insight into his own sickness or criminal activity.
Much of so-called mental health is organized crime. Rod Blagojevich had an illegal so-called mental health agenda. Tyranny

Such garbage- he did the crime - so he should do the time. He was a political gangbanger- and caused the citizens of the state losses.

The former gov was recorded by the Feds, enough said. He was found guilty.

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