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On Blago bro, Jesse Jackson Jr. House ethics and how Jackson has testified in the past

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Robert Blagojevich today said he believes U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. should answer questions about his role in the alleged sale of the U.S. Senate seat -- an investigation that is sending his brother to prison.

A refresher: In May, Jackson testified in Rod Blagojevich's trial. He was called by the defense, but some of that blew up after the congressman made a new pay-to-play allegation against the former governor.

jacksonjr.jpeg Jesse Jackson Jr.

As for his own role, Jackson under oath said: "No I did not" direct or order anyone to offer Rod Blagojevich fund-raising in exchange for appointing him senator.
"I never directed anyone to raise money for another politician in my life, other than myself, in 16 years," Jackson testified.

Last week, the House committee on ethics announced it would restart its probe into Jackson (Rep. Jackson ethics.pdf).

robert1.jpeg Robert Blagojevich and his lawyer, Michael Ettinger

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