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Video: 'We literally did have our days in court,' Blagojevich says after closing arguments conclude

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Watch Rod Blagojevich and two of his defense attorneys, Aaron Goldstein and Sheldon Sorosky, discuss the end of his trial and the upcoming jury deliberations in this excerpt from a news conference after court Thursday, June 9. The comments followed a day of closing arguments from prosecutors and the defense team.

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The jury is back Monday for deliberations on the 20 pending counts against Rod Blagojevich. Blagojevich's jury, of which 11 members are women and one is a man, picked a foreperson and a schedule Friday, according to Judge James Zagel.... Read More

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Aaron Goldstein and Sheldon Sorosky should open a manure farm. Perjury! Perjury! Perjury!

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