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Prosecutors call FBI special agent Daniel Cain, have one witness left

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki and Dave McKinney

For the third time during Rod Blagojevich's retrial, the prosecution solicited testimony from FBI Special Agent Daniel Cain, the case agent who investigated Blagojevich.

After Cain stepped off the stand, prosecutors said they have one more short witness before they will tie up their rebuttal case. The defense said it will likely not call any more witnesses, though it if decides to do so those witnesses would be short. Closing arguments from the prosecution are expected to begin shortly after a lunch break.

Judge James Zagel said he will allow four hours for closing arguments from either side. Closing arguments will begin this afternoon and likely continue into Thursday. Zagel said Tuesday the entire case could be presented to the jury by Thursday afternoon, and that the jury has agreed to deliberate Friday, which they normally have off.

Cain corroborated FBI supervisory special agent Patrick Murphy's testimony that Blagojevich was asked at the March 16, 2005 FBI interview if he could be recorded, and Blagojevich's lawyer refused on behalf of the then-governor.

At another FBI interview in October 2006 Blagojevich was allowed a court reporter but again refused to be recorded. Prosecutors also brought up the first FBI interview with John Wyma, who, according to Cain, told the FBI about Blagojevich's alleged plans to reward good fundraising from a roadway executive with the announcement of a $6 billion Tollway prorgam.

Defense lawyer Lauren Kaeseberg cross-examined Cain, beginning with: "Hi Agent Cain. We meet again."

Kaeseberg reminded Cain that he didn't know exactly what Blagojevich told Wyma and can only testify about what Wyma told the FBI.

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Did Wyma tell the FBI that he tipped off John Chase, Obama and his staff????

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