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Prosecutor digging, Blagojevich wriggling

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Reporting with Lark Turner

Reid Schar is like an animal let out of a cage. He's dancing all around Rod Blagojevich, peppering him with questions. His voice firm at times, high-pitched at others and dripping with sarcasm the next.

First, Schar stays on the lying theme, asking Rod Blagojevich if he ever revealed to the public he was trying to get something for himself in exchange for Senate seat.

"Ever tell the public you had your staff doing research on ambassadorships?"
"No," Blagojevich said.

Schar tries throwing Blagojevich off balance, jumping around chronologically.

Now we're on Dec. 8th, where the defense just left off and Blagojevich said he hadn't yet made up his mind on his appointment. But he was leaning toward appointing Lisa Madigan.

Schar resurrects Blagojevich's book and selects an excerpt regarding Dec. 8th.

"Over the phone," Schar read. "I informed my chief of staff I had selected my first choice."
"That's not true," Schar says firmly.
"That is true," Blagojevich says.
"Selected her," Schar specifies.
"She was my first choice," Blagojevich says. He selected Madigan as his first choice, he says.

Schar asks Blagojevich to specify where in the transcripts he directed John Harris to move on the Madigan deal. Blagojevich suggests the two could have met.

Schar and Blagojevich still trying to find their places. Schar gradually less argumentative. Blagojevich, well, still working on yes or no answers.

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