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Day six of jury deliberations: #Blagojevich jurors back in the building

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After a break Friday, Saturday and Sunday, jurors are back in the Dirksen Federal Courthouse Monday for their sixth day of deliberations.

The jury sent a note to Judge James Zagel Thursday asking for clarification on the legal definition of wire fraud. Half of the 20 counts Rod Blagojevich faces are wire fraud charges, most relating to the Senate seat allegations.

Specifically the jury wanted clarification on one of the four elements necessary to find Blagojevich guilty of the offense: "that the scheme to defraud involved a materially false and fraudulent pretense, representation, promise, or concealment."

Zagel sent a note back to the jury asking them to read over the instructions again and, if they were still confused, to be more clear about their question in a second note. Thursday ended without another note from the jury.

The jury is made up of 11 women and one man; read more about who's in the room here. For more on what the unusually large gender gap might mean for Blagojevich, click here.

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I am just wondering if Rezko was not there because?
Rezko's partner Daniel T. Frawley is suing his lawyer George E. Weaver in Cook County Civil Court case #10-L-7986 and plenty is spilling on the deposition floor...We­aver's lawyer makes mentions of payments from Rezko to Obama and a $1.5 millon dollar payment from Frawley to Rezko.
Is this why Rezko never made it to Blago's trial?
Obama used emissary Tom Balanoff to deliver his Senate wish...The fed's dropped 4 of the 24 charges, not to simplify the case but to avoid implicatin­g or even mentioning Obama's name.
John Thomas an FBI informant documented and reported then Senator Obama going in and out of the office of Tony Rezko...It was more than just a strip of land.

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