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Day 9 of #Blagojevich jury deliberations begin. Observers done guessing.

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Some thought yesterday would be the day. Some thought it would have been last week, others were saying next week.

But this morning, I've heard several people give the same reaction: "I'm done guessing."

Here we are, day 9 of deliberations in a case that prosecutors took 11 days to present and no sign from the Rod Blagojevich jury. No note since last Thursday.

We will mention that last year's jury sent out two notes right away, then went eight days without making a peep. On day 11, the panel sent a flurry of notes before concluding they could not come to a consensus on 23 of the 24 counts.

In the retrial, there are 20 counts the jury of 11 women and one man must ponder. And significantly different this time: Blagojevich was on the witness stand for parts of seven days.

So they're not only weighing witness testimony, transcripts, tapes and documents -- but the defendant's own words.

Blagojevich repeatedly said on the stand that he had never made a decision on who to appoint to the Senate seat before he was arrested Dec. 9, 2008 on charges that he was trading government action for a personal benefit.

The former governor insisted that he absolutely would never have appointed U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. to the Senate seat, even though he's heard on tape talking about the fund-raising that supporters of the congressman had offered in exchange for the nod.

Prosecutors accused Blagojevich of making up testimony "after the fact" so that it fit in with the secret FBI recordings the feds had made.

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