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Blagojevich says tape shows political deal with Jesse Jackson Jr. -- not money deal

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Reporting with Lark Turner

Rod Blagojevich treads into among the most dangerous recorded conversations -- where he discusses getting "tangible, up front" "concrete" support from U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

Blagojevich testifies that when he's heard on tape in Dec. 4, 2008 call, saying he can get tangible support from the Jackson he's talking about political support. The fact that he also brings up a $1.5 million offer from Jackson's supporters was just his way to disclose to advisers that he had been approached by Jackson's supporters in the past.

Prosecutors say that Blagojevich is talking about wanting the $1.5 million when he says "tangible, up front." But Blagojevich testifies he's referring to "up front" political support from Jackson.
"That would be the African American, elected officials, state Sen. Meeks a couple of state reps," Blagojevich testifies. "The African American community as a whole would be pleased with me ... I would build a political alliance."

Blagojevich insists that at this point, he still had Lisa Madigan at the top of his list.

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