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#Blagojevich prison time will take toll on his young kids

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Any prison term will have an undeniable toll on Rod Blagojevich's children, say defense lawyers, who say their clients often tell them their kids start faltering in school once they go away.

"No matter what happens to him, they're going to be scarred for life," said federal defense attorney Kent Carlson. "When you're used to having a father to do stuff and he's not there, it has an impact."

Blagojevich will likely want to be placed in a prison camp in Oxford, Wisconsin, to make weekend visits easier on his daughters, 8 and 14. Oxford is among the closest to Chicago.

However, experts say that the length of Blagojevich's sentence could be a key factor in deciding whether the former governor is in a place with guards and bars or in a place with khakis and cards.

Defendants who are sentenced to more than 10 years in prison typically don't get a spot in the more-desired prison camps, said defense attorney Jeffrey Steinback, who is regarded as an expert in federal sentencing and who has testified before the U.S. Sentencing Commission. Read more: Click here

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So the lawyer is making a case to affect the term of sentence because the affect it would have on the children. Are you kidding me!? This is what Mr. Blagojevich should have taken into consideration before his wrong doing? I don't hear other lawyers making the same case for other violent and nonviolent offenders. The fact is, its not for anyone to consider the children other than the parents. The adverse affect on the kids is due to Mr. Blagojevich and his actions. It is up to him to lead them down a better path of life and not follow the road he has taken as a felon. LOCK DOWN INMATE BLAGOJEVICH.

He should have thought about his kids before doing what he was convicted for. I have no sympathy for the continuous illegal actions of Illinios government officials. Let him serve his time like other convicts who broke the law.

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