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Blagojevich on tollway shakedown: It's "bunk"

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Reporting with Dave McKinney and Lark Turner

While on redirect, Rod Blagojevich contradicts testimony of two government witnesses.

Both John Wyma and Lon Monk testified that the ex-governor made similar statements to them with regard to tollway funding and whether those executives kick into his campaign fund.

Attorney Aaron Goldstein asks him, if he really told Wyma and Monk about the tollway execs: "If they don't perform, f--- them?"

"No," Blagojevich responds loudly. "I'm absolutely certain I did not make that comment."

Goldstein asks whether Blagojevich said that with regard to tollway executive Gerry Krozel.

"Bunk. It's not true, I never said that."

Blagojevich also denies that he was holding up a $6 billion tollway plan in the hopes that Krozel and others would put together fund-raising for him.

"I didn't have the legislative authority to do it, even if I wanted to," Blagojevich said, adding, "It required toll increases, I was opposed to those. Last...I wanted the Capital bill and I didn't want to weaken the efforts."

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