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Blagojevich 'not mandated to sign a bill on any timeline whatsoever,' defense says

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Defense lawyer Aaron Goldstein is countering the prosecution's Racetrack Bill allegations, contending Rod Blagojevich didn't have to sign the bill right away.

"That governor can sign it, can veto it, can do nothing," Goldstein says. "He is not mandated to sign a bill on any timeline whatsoever."

Goldstein's also taking more time to tear down the prosecution's witnesses. Referring to Lon Monk as "good old Mr. Monk," Goldstein brings up again that Monk betrayed Blagojevich by taking cash from Tony Rezko.

Goldstein is referring to a Dec. 3, 2008 conversation between Blagojevich and Monk overheard on an FBI bug in Blagojevich's campaign office.

BLAGOJEVICH: You could say he could sign the bill right after the first of the year. I think you just say that. He's gonna sign all his bills, he's signing all, he's doing all his bills right...
MONK: No. Look, I wanna go to him without crossing the line and say, give us the f---in' money.
MONK: (UI), give us the money and one has nothing to do with the other...
MONK: ...but give us the f---in' money.Because they're losin', they're losing $9,000 a day.

"According to Monk, 'without crossing the line' means crossing the line," Goldstein argues. "According to Lon Monk, 'one has nothing to do with the other' means 'one has everything to do with the other.' ... Look at the words. You're gonna trust Lon Monk, the gift man, walking through that door, saying 'one has nothing to do with the other' means 'one has everything to do with the other?'

"Sometimes, sometimes in the real world, the words you say actually mean what you say," Goldstein said.

He's calling John Wyma "the immunity man."

"That man? That's who we're gonna believe? Come on. Come on," Goldstein says.

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