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Blagojevich jury's first note: Our transcripts aren't all the same

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On day three of their deliberations, jurors in Rod Blagojevich's retrial just sent their first note to the judge.

They noticed that not all of them had the same number of pages for one of the phone calls in their transcript binders.

Some jurors noticed that there were nine pages for the phone call but others noticed there were five pages. The jurors all agreed they would not go further with that phone call until they got an answer.

Turns out that they were supposed to only have five pages for that phone call. Court security will go in and remove the pages for those who had the fuller transcript.

It was a good hint of what jurors are up to, however. The phone call in dispute was a Nov. 14, 2008 between the former governor and his brother, Robert. In it, they discuss Dick Durbin as well as fund-raiser Raghu Nayak. Here's the call:
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And day three ends with one small hint, but no verdict. Jurors are mulling 20 charges, including that Rod Blagojevich tried selling President Obama's vacant Senate seat. Jurors should be back in by 9 a.m. tomorrow.... Read More


Go back to sleep Walt ! You must be a holdover from the Blagojevich years.

Natasha, please correct me if I am wrong - but I think at the last trial the jurors weren't provided transcripts - only the recordings. How come they have transcripts now?? And poorly prepared ones at that.

Much ado about nothing.....Acquit is the only answer!

let's hope this jury reviews the evidence and finds Blago innocent on all charges. This is the flakiest attempt by the Govt to date. Nothin here folks, but some bad language and talk!

I bet all the good stuff about the Roland Burris deal was on those 4 pages...

Can we be assured that all the jurors can count properly?

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