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#Blagojevich jury takes a noon break

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Rod Blagojevich's jurors were spotted today, looking cheery on a break.

Court security escorted the 11 women and one man downstairs through a private elevator at around noon. They were likely on their way to grab some lunch.

The jurors were dressed as they were during the trial, with some wearing business clothing for the occasion and others looking casual. Some were quiet as they filed past, but most were talking or exchanging jokes, smiling.

Defense lawyer Sheldon Sorosky was also briefly on the 25th floor near Judge James Zagel's courtroom, but he quickly headed back downstairs.

It's the jury's eighth day deliberating 20 charges against the former governor who is accused of corruption, extortion and fraud.

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I assume speculation is a full-time occupation at the courthouse when a jury is deliberating.

Is there any rumors or speculation at the court house to what might be going on?

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