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Blagojevich jury: It's day four of talks.

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The jury in Rod Blagojevich's retrial is in their fourth day of deliberations.

The panel of 11 women and one man was quiet until Tuesday, when it asked about a transcript of a phone call dealing with the Senate seat. The call is about half-way through the recordings produced by the prosecution -- if that's any marker on how far along they are in talks.

The jury in last year's trial took 14 days before returning hung on 23 of 24 counts. The panel convicted only on the false statement charge, complaining the case was confusing and lacked a "smoking gun."

This time around, prosecutors put on a slimmed-back case and worked to make it more straight-forward. However, Blagojevich also took the witness stand, hoping to throw some doubt into the allegations.

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